Application Checklist

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Once you have determined your eligibility, gather the following required documents before applying.

Required Documents

1. Recent Pay Stub from Eligible Organization

Pay stub must have been issued within the last 90 days of application submission

2. A completed W9 form.

3. Copy of photo ID to verify identity. Examples of eligible forms of ID include the following:

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Birth Certificate
  • State-issued Identification Card
  • Student Identification Card
  • Military Identification Card
  • Passport or Passport Card
  • Note: no documents are required to demonstrate economic need or to affirm you are a homeless service worker. These requirements will be achieved through self-attestation.

Once you have your documents ready:

  1. Hit Apply Now: You will be directed to the program administrator’s FORWARD platform.
  2. Fill out the Eligibility Form
  3. Create an account: FORWARD created a video to help you create your account (you can access the video below).  
  4. Start your application

How to Create Your Account

The program administrator, LiveStories, has created a video to assist you with creating your account in FORWARD, the application dashboard. There are additional videos on applying for the stipend available on their Youtube Channel.

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